Beginner’s Guide: How to start blogging?

Blogging isn’t a rocket science or get-rich-quick scheme; it’s about being yourself and putting your thoughts aka passion into it.– Anonymous

Blogging is an art that anyone can create. But there are many who get scared whenever they hear about blogging. As someone has said blogging isn’t a rocket science, it’s easy as you want to make it. All you need is to have the passion for any subject or anything and some patience to portray it in words.

This post I have soulfully dedicated to my readers who are new to blogging and what to know what’s this all about. In this post, I’ll share the basics i.e. what is a blog? What is blogging? What are the easiest steps to start blogging? So, grab your coffee and get ready for your blogging ride…………

What is a blog?

A blog which is technically known as weblog; can be an informative or personal website, published on World Wide Web i.e. Internet.

Where it consists of entries or posts appearing in a reverse chronological order with the most recent entries appearing on the top. It is like a journal of any person or business.

Blogging is an act or art of creating blogs. It can be of many types; personal, business, video weblog, social weblog, shopping weblog, and so on.

It provides an easy way to reach out the people through the internet and share your talent/passion around the world without any harm.

I would say, this is the best way for an introvert to share his/her talents or passion without each and every one without worrying about the judgments.

Being an introvert myself, I will very safe and easy to express myself and my expertise through blogging. Web Hosting Castle is an example of this.

Now, as we have discussed what blogging all about is, let’s move to main motive of this post i.e. how to start blogging? What are the easiest ways to start blogging?

The below are the few basic steps that you need to follow to be a blogger:

  • Choose your passion or interest in writing.
  • Choose a blogging platform.
  • Buy your own domain and hosting. ( Although, I can suggest free package as well, truly speaking, it’s not worth it. You’ll get your answer why?)
  • How to install your platform?
  • How to create your first post and promote it?

Yeah, you’ll find all this one post.


Step 1- Choose Your Passion or Area of Interest.

I personally believe if you are reading this post, then this step is already been sorted. You already know your area of interest or area of passion for which you want to create a blog for.

Your own blog can be a digital platform to share your expertise with everyone and earn appreciation for the same. You can create your own magical style, embrace your readers with your knowledge and be the part of a super-blogging league.

But, Why blogging?

You can do blogging for many reasons;  a personal blog or journal and for professional/business use.

  • For personal; it can have your passion for example if your passion is traveling, you can create a blogging site and share all your adventures with the world. I deeply understand social media describes the same, however, a website or blog has its own persona or magic. It creates its own aura.
  • For business; you can write professionally for your own business or someone else, work with brands and advertisement agencies to receive compensation for your creativity.
  • Be an expert; a blog can be a platform to share your experiences in specific genre or field, thoughts and ideas that you have earned so far from your education, career and life journey. Even many big tycoons or marketers use bogs as their resumes or CVs.
  • The consistent efforts in creating blogs will help you to grow and enhance your lifetime career. It will create a powerful journey for you to build and explore the art of world through your ideas and words.

As I said earlier, it has no boundaries; you can be creative as the way you want. No one can stop, but yeah don’t use inappropriate content, Google will kill your blog then, ROFL!!!


Step 2: Choose your Blogging Platform.

As blogging is trending, you can find numerous blogging platforms both free as well as paid to start your blogging journey. However, a right platform can make your journey easier. Before blogging, one should research about the right platforms.

Don’t worry, I am here for your resolution. As per my experiences, I would suggest WordPress so far is an ideal blogging platform to start your journey and can be easily available too.

Why WordPress?

  • There are already more than 72 million active users on the internet that can make you wonder why not WordPress.
  • Its free software for everyone to use and explore especially recommended by web service provides for beginners. This means you are free to download, install, use and modify.
  • There are currently 2600+ WordPress themes and 31000+ plugins available for free that you can download, install and use anytime. Who else can give you such freebies with vast variety?
  • WordPress is easy to use, learn and understand. Every day new users join WordPress community because it is quickly adaptable and specifically designed for beginners who don’t know any single word of coding.
  • WordPress is Search Engine Friendly. 34% Search results are accompanied by WordPress websites which are huge as compared to other competitors.
  • It is a safe and secure website. WordPress is developed with security in mind. As the Internet is always considered as an uncertain place to hang around, WordPress provides the safest and secure platform to run any website.

What else you want to know to prove my point. Try it if still nor believe it.


Step 3: Choose your Domain Name and Hosting Provider.

Domain and hosting are the major components or tools that you need for blogging. They are your actual playground where you need to fight your battle.

Choosing domain name is also a very exciting task to accomplish at initial stages. Wait a minute, if you don’t know what I’m talking about, then let’s dig into what is domain and hosting?

The domain is an address of your blog or website like in my case it is and hosting is the home space or server that stores your blog’s content to keep it safe and accessible to your readers.

To know more in detail, you can check out my blog What is web hosting?

So, now you know what is domain and hosting, let’s discuss it components too:

Domain basically consists of three parts:

1) www.– It indicates that it’s a web address.

2) Name: The main part of the domain representing your company name or your name.

3) .com– The domain suffix. The domain suffix is the part that indicates the type of domain it is.

It also has various domain suffix depend on country and its usage, for example:

.com – company

.org- Organization (generally non-profit)

.edu- educational institution

.net- Network Provider

Domain Suffix can be country based too apart from the USA like;

.in – Indian site

.uk – United Kingdom site

.au – Australia site

.eu – European site


Tips to keep in mind while purchasing or creating your domain name:

1)    Sometimes it’s not easy to buy the domain name as per choice if it is already taken by someone else, still always try to find short, easy and simple names for domain purchase unless it is for your company.

2)    First always go for .com name as it thought to be prestigious.

3)    Avoid hyphens, alphanumeric symbols, and numbers while choosing a domain name.


Now the main and tricky part comes, Web Hosting. Generally, beginners try to find to look for free options for their initial stage, but I would say that’s a total waste of time.

Free domains and hosting platforms can’t provide you the right and accessible playground to create your unique style. Nothing comes into this world free my dear, and same goes for blogging too. But not to worry still there are many cheap ways to pursue your dream.

Like when I started my blogging journey, I was looking for the cheap but reliable options to start my blogging dream which I found in Godaddy.

While digging more into this web hosting provider, I got to know that Godaddy provides cheap hosting plan especially for wannabe bloggers who can’t afford costly hosting and still want to look for more.

For the same reasons, I have also mentioned my and others reviews regarding Godaddy to make your decision more worthy and satisfactory. You can also go through Goddady reviews before making your purchase.

Godaddy reviews


Godaddy Overall:

  • Award-winning support and security
  • World’s #1 Domain Name Registrar
  • Choice of cPanel or Plesk included
  • 99% uptime guaranteed


  • World’s #1 Domain Name Registrar offers an FREE domain with hosting
  • Industry-leading page load times for your site’s web pages
  • Unlimited bandwidth with up to unlimited storage space
  • Choose from two popular control panels: cPanel or Plesk
  • Award-winning support on-hand 24/7
  • Money Back Guarantee 30 days

Godaddy Discount

How to purchase Godaddy domain?

  • Go to the website,
  • Select Economy plan and Add to Cart (With this plan, you will have your free Domain)
  • In the Domain Search Field, enter the domain name you want to register. It will also show same domain name options with other suffixes. Then Click GO
  • Now, Add your domain to Add to Cart
  • Check your items, whether they are all for 1 year, if not, make it 12 months or 1 year.
  • Click on Proceed to payments and create your account With Your Facebook Account Or You Can Create By Using Your Email id.
  • Make your payments and have your own Domain & Hosting.

Godaddy Discount


Step 4: How to install your blogging platform?

Good news is that Godaddy provides free WordPress installation that you can also do in following steps:

  • After purchasing a domain, login to your account and click on “Control Panel”.
  • Once you logged into your CPanel, click the Install WordPress icon under Website or website builder.
  • Install WordPress, it may take some time. Have patience.
  • After installation, enter your WordPress user info.
  • Write your name as the username (do not use admin as username) and type password.
  • Enter your email id and read terms and conditions.
  • Complete your installation process.



You can explore another web hosting, Bluehost.

BlueHost Web Hosting Review


Step 5: How to create your first blog?

Once you have installed your WordPress, then look for WordPress icon for easy direction. Or all you need to type this on new internet page i.e. This is the ideal verbia to login to your WordPress dashboard.

The first window you will see after installation is WordPress Dashboard. It is also called as admin panel which looks like this:


Let’s break down some of the most important ones for new bloggers to know:

  • Dashboard” – It shows you an at-a-glance look at your recent activity, including how many posts, comments, and pages you have. You can also write up a quick draft blog post here – but don’t – I’ll show you a better way a little later in the guide.
  • Post”- Post is where you’ll click if you want to add a new blog post or edit an existing one.
  • Media” – Media is the library of all the pictures, videos, and audio files you’ve uploaded to the site. You can manage all of those items here.
  • Pages” – Page is where you can add a new permanent page – like services or contact me page (not a blog post!) and manage the pages you’ve already created.
  • Comments” – Comment section is the place you’ll want to go to manage comments. You can see which comments are waiting for your approval, review comments you’ve approved, see which comments WordPress has labeled as spam and delete comments you don’t want.
  • Appearance” – This is where you can edit your blog’s design and install new themes and layouts. I show you exactly how to do this a little later in the page.
  • Plugin”- Plugin is where you’d click if you wanted to install a new plugin, like a photo gallery or SEO tool. I’ll show you how to do this in a moment.
  • Settings”- It is the last section you need to know about. Here, you can change your site’s title and tagline, edit your email address and manage all of your site’s important settings.


*Changing Your Blog’s Design (Themes & Layouts)

WordPress blogging platform uses design templates called “Themes” to figure out how your site should look. Changing your blog’s layout and design is as simple as installing a new theme. You can change and install themes anytime.

There are over 2,000 professionally designed, fully customizable and free themes that you can choose which gives you a lot of options to explore.

Step By Step guide to select Theme

  • On the left side of WordPress bar, click on “Appearance” tab then click on “Themes”.

  • On the next screen, you’ll see several themes are already installed. If you don’t like those, click the “Add New” button at the top, or the great big “Add New” square to start searching for a theme.


  • Now, you’ll see tabs where you’ll find featured popular and brand new themes, as well as a “Feature Filter” and search bar.
  • Just choose the options you want, click “Apply Filters” on the left-hand side. If you’re finding this challenging, just search by keyword.
  • Click on install.

  • Once the theme has been installed, all that’s left to do is click “Activate” on the next screen.


*Same way, you can install Plugins to add cool features to your blog.

Plugins are software that you can install to add features and tools to your blog. They can do many things like:

  • Adding additional forms
  • Making your blog SEO friendly
  • Creating newsletter or subscriptions sign up
  • Adding photo galleries etc.

To install Plugin:

  • Click on left side of WordPress sidebar and click “Add New”.

  • Now you can search the plugin that you wish to install.


  • When you find a plugin you like, just click “Install Now” and then “Activate Plugin” on the page that follows.


Important: Before installing any plugin, kindly consider its reviews and cons & pros on Google to make sure it’s worthy enough for your blog or not. Some Plugins can break your theme, cause problems with security or work pathetic. Make sure plugins are always up to date. Otherwise, WordPress automatically give you an alert regarding the same.


After proper installation, you can create your post in very simple steps:

  • Click on New at the top and then click on Post.

  • Type the Blog Title.
  • Type or Copy/Paste your post content.
  • Click on Publish on the right side.

Note: You can also click on Preview button to view live changes. After all the changes, click on View Post.View Post. Plus you can make changes and save by clicking Update aka Publish button.


Step 6: How to promote your blog?

Promoting a blog is very important as how would people know that you are going to shine in the web world.

Here are very few tips that you should start following while creating and updating your blog meanwhile:

  • Share on your social media
  • Create quality and unique content in your own style.
  • Join Blogging Communities and share your blogs for feedbacks. It will help you to learn and improve at the same time.
  • Participate in blog forums.
  • Comment on other blogs related to your passion and request for feedback.
  • Build your email list and start sharing your new updates and blogs.


I hope you like my post. I know it’s a long one but I tried to put all the necessary details to give you a perfect start. Please do share feedback regarding the same or any topic that you would like me to post for you. I would be happy to be a helping hand. I hope I have served the posted purpose.

Keep Reading and Happy Blogging!!!



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